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Toronto's Top Burgers; Best of CNE Eats


LISTICLES— Zagat's has released their Best Burger Survey results for 2014. Top honours goes to The Natural from Rude Boy with 27 out of 30 points. Check out the full top ten here and a few honourable mentions over here.

TIMMY'S WIRE— Today is the last day to vote in the Tim Horton's Duelling Donuts contest. The final four contenders include an ice cream sundae donut, "Big Canadian Red" (red velvet with cherry and vanilla), a Reese's creation, and "The Lumberjack" (maple, apple, and bacon of course). Head here to vote for your favourite.

CNE ALERT— The Toronto Sun has compiled a handy guide to the top ten delicious, over-the-top artery-clogging creations at the CNE. It wouldn't be The Ex without deep-fried peanut butter sriracha balls, bananas dunked in corn dog batter, and butter coffee! Summer's almost over, so get in on these goodies soon.
—Kelly Reid