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Fire at Iconic Pizzeria; Jagermeister Poutine

Welcome to 401 Wire, a roundup of restaurant news from Eater Montreal.
jagerbaconpoutine.jpg[Photo: Jägermeister bacon poutine, Brutus]

DISASTER REPORT— One of Montreal's most iconic pizzerias suffered an electrical fire yesterday but may reopen soon.

GIMMICKS— U.S. media outlets like Buzzfeed and Good Morning America have lost their minds over a new all-bacon restaurant in Montreal's Rosemont neighbourhood that serves a Jägermeister poutine.

OLD MONTREAL— The douchification of Montreal's oldest neighbourhood is well underway with the arrival of a new uban saloon that promises to plunge patrons into a Quentin Tarantino-esque world.

THE ROAD TO THE 38— Here's what Eater National's roving critic Bill Addison thought of Joe Beef.