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Food Truck Regulation Check; El Catrin's Anniversary

El Catrin.
El Catrin.

BROCKTON VILLAGEThe Hogtown Cure's Reuben may be one of the city's best-ranked sandwiches. It comes with dry-cured brisket, triple-crunch mustard, sauerkraut, and roasted garlic mustard, plus Oka L'Artisan in lieu of Swiss cheese. [Post City]

MEALS ON WHEELS— Many agree that the new rules for food trucks are not working. The new regulations were passed in April and only ten permits have been sold since this spring. Catch up here. [blogTO]

DISTILLERY DISTRICT— It's El Catrin's one-year anniversary party on Monday, July 14. Starting at 7 p.m., expect a bartending flair competition, a tequila marketplace, and more. [EaterWire]