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2014's Top Dishes So Far; More on Poutineville

East Thirty-Six.
East Thirty-Six.

FOOD RECSHead over to Zagat for a listicle of ten of the best new dishes the team has eaten this year. Bar Buca, Chantecler, Toeunboku Ramen, Canoe's Taste Canada, East Thirty-Six, Bar Isabel, Kwan Restaurant, Fabbrica, Pai, and Bang Bang Ice Cream are all included. [Zagat]

Q&A— Biff's Bistro chef de cuisine Amanda Ray answers some questions for Toronto Standard. Stop by to read about her current food quest, the new happy hour promotion at the restaurant's bar, and more. [Standard]

COMING ATTRACTIONSHere's some more on Poutineville, set to open later this month in The Annex. A quote from the owner, "Everybody loves poutine, even people on a diet." [The Star]


18 Duncan Street, Old Toronto, ON M5H 3G8 (416) 901-4724 Visit Website

Bar Isabel

797 College Street, Toronto, Ontario