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Three and a Half Stars for Yasu, Little Sister First Look

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Little Sister Indonesian Food Bar.
Little Sister Indonesian Food Bar.

Harbord Street's Yasu has been awarded three and a half stars out of four from The Globe and Mail's Chris Nuttall-Smith.

But until this past spring, what the city didn't have was the sort of sushi restaurant that you might have seen in the documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi. What we didn't have was a sushi counter that did nothing but top-quality sushi: that served only just-warm, vinegar-seasoned rice draped with superlative fish, made to order right in front of you and served a single bite at a time. Early this May, an Osaka-raised chef named Yasuhisa Ouchi [Oh-oochee] quietly opened just such a spot on Harbord Street

The Toronto Life says that Pain Perdu "nails the bistro basics."

At his new north-end restaurant, a ­spin­off of the beloved Pain Perdu bakery, chef Evaristo De Andrade sticks to tradition and nails the bistro basics: moderately priced, simple French food in a warm setting. Buttery squid ink risotto is served with smoky grilled rings of tender calamari. Savoury French onion soup has deep layers of flavour, even if the onions could use a touch more caramelization. And the vanilla-scented pastry cream in a golden gâteau basque is otherworldly good. Service is slightly slow, but the staff makes up for it with generous pours of wine selected from a largely affordable (many bottles under $40) Old World list.

Post City offers readers a First Look at Little Sister Indonesian Food Bar, where they indicate that ordering is a little bit different: Guests are encouraged to bend the typical rules of ordering; whether that means a few choices from the satay skewers ($6 each) and snacks sections – apparently, the Rendang Taco ($4) has been popular – with drinks or a more complete meal. The latter might include one of the meat dishes, like the tamarind braised pork (Sambal Daging $11.75) with a Fried Cauliflower Salad ($7.50) from the sides section of the menu.
—Alexander Lipnik
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