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Ford Fest Going Dry, Won't Have Liquor License

This Friday's Ford Fest, to take place in Scarborough's Thomson Park and hosted by Mayor Rob Ford and his family, has been deemed municipally insignificant, reports The Star. The event was not granted a liquor license this year. A spokesperson for the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario states, "Only charities and events deemed municipally significant through a resolution of city council or a letter from a designated municipal official such as a municipal clerk are eligible for this type of permit." The event is also hard to categorize: Campaigning isn't allowed on city property (which the park is), but the Fords state that it's just a family barbecue, not a rally.

Ford Fests have been held for the last 19 years in Etobicoke and Scarborough and have received liquor licenses in the past. Last year, both Fests were licensed events. The Fords explained this year's lack of permit on a time crunch. Earlier this week, Mayor Ford said, "It just was timing because obviously I didn't have enough time to get [the permit]." According to The Star, last year's permit was granted with two days' notice.

The Fords promise instead that there will be burgers, ice cream, soft drinks, and other goodies. Mayor Ford, who of course just returned from two months in rehab, assures the public that—permit or not—he will not be drinking at Ford Fest. Read more about the event here at The Sun as well.
—Kelly Reid
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