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Ten Things to Know About Matty Matheson

Parts & Labour.
Parts & Labour.

Chef Matty Matheson, the helmsman behind favourite hipster restaurant Parts and Labour and member of the trailblazing Group of Seven chefs, spoke recently with chef blog Credible Rubbish and revealed some pretty curious details about himself. Below, some of the most interesting.

1. This tattooed, mustachioed, cursing pirate of the kitchen doesn't drink. (But when he did, he liked triple vodkas).
2. Briefs, not boxers.
3. He never wears a watch: "I don't like people to know how rich or poor I am."
4. He visits three different barbers regularly, but rarely bothers with shampoo.
5. Having opened his own restaurant at 26, he considers himself a "self-made man."
6. His favourite ingredient is pig head. (Somehow we suspected that one).
7. He hates his own food.
8. If he weren't a chef, he'd be in the fashion business (he owns over 200 pairs of sneakers).
9. His favourite ice cream flavour is mint chocolate chip: "I love that fake mint shit.
10. Two weeks before graduating from his culinary program at Humber, he dropped out to tour with a band. With a growing empire of burger joints, catering, and his flagship restaurant, though, it looks like the diploma wasn't really necessary after all.
—Kelly Reid
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