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Coffee Shops for Commuters; Summer Cocktails to Try

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Photo: The Black Hoof

LISTICLES— BlogTO has compiled a list of 69 coffee shops along the subway line for commuters to get their caffeine fix in a hurry. Plenty of Tim Hortons and Starbucks outlets, but also names like Red Fish Blue Fish and Sam James that like to support independents. [BlogTO]

ICYMI— In Jen Agg's special Globe and Mail feature from Table Talk at the Design Exchange, she wants to clear up a few things. (Hint: She's not a "lady bartender," nobody gets special treatment at her restaurants, and even if work isn't a party, it should still be fun). Check out the rest of her thoughts here. [Globe and Mail]

BOOZE NEWS— With patio season here, bars are goosing up their cocktail list to attract thirsty patrons. BlogTO has you covered: a list of the top ten cocktails you need to try this summer. (Don't miss the "Solstice Sour" at Reposado). [BlogTO]
—Kelly Reid