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Local Food on the Go; Doughnut Design Competition

DOUGHNUT DESIGN— Canadians have a little over a month left to pitch their dream doughnut idea to Tim Hortons. The coffee conglomerate is hosting a doughnut design contest until August 28th, and the winner receives $10,000. Last year's triumphant creation was the Tortoise Torte, with pecans, chocolate, and caramel. [National Post]

LOCAL FOOD— If you're traveling around the province this summer and looking to chow down on local bounty, Feast ON will help you out. The program acts as a directory to any food truck, restaurant, cafe, or vendor stand in the province that focuses on local ingredients, meaning you can keep up your eco-conscious locavorism no matter where you're heading. Get the details here. [National Post]

BRUNCH LISTICLES— For Torontonians, going out for brunch is tantamount to a sacred experience, and pairing your eggs with caesars or mimosas is just a given. Here, a compilation of the top ten places to booze with brunch. (Bonus: all price points represented, and even an all-you-can-drink option). [BlogTO]
—Kelly Reid
[Photo: The Whippoorwill]