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Poutineville, El Furniture Warehouse to Open in the Annex

These two restaurants will open in Toronto soon. Know of something slated to start serving near you? Visit the tipline.
eater714_elfurniture.jpg1) Poutine Alert: Montreal's snack bar mini-chain Poutineville will open its first Toronto location at Bloor and Brunswick. Look for specialty and build-your-own poutine options, with toppings including Pogos and a 15-pound Heart Attack Challenge, coming very soon. Here's what it looks like right now. [EaterWire]

2) Whistler Expansions: El Furniture Warehouse will open in The Annex in mid-July. Expect a menu of $4.95 dishes from this Bloor Street outpost. Stay up to date on Instagram. [EaterWire]
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Forthcoming El Furniture Warehouse. [Photo: Nobu Adilman]