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Danforth Rib Cook-Off; Taste of Thailand


THAI FESTIVAL— The Thai Society of Ontario is hosting its Taste of Thailand festival this Saturday, July 19, and Sunday, July 20, from noon until 8 p.m. Visitors will have the opportunity to experience many aspects of Thai culture, including the food. Find more details here. [EaterWire]

RIB COOK-OFF— Six Danforth chefs will compete at Thrill of the Grill this Saturday, July 19, for the crown of most revered ribs. Tickets cost $15 and include ribs, corn, refreshments, and a ballot to vote for your favorite rack of ribs. [EaterWire]

LISTICLES— Feeling like hungover brunch this weekend? Scope this roundup of some of the city's top huevos rancheros. [blogTO]
—Alexander Lipnik