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Here's What You Should Know About Susur Lee's Luckee

Susur Lee's Chinese Luckee opened this April on Wellington Street. Here are five things you need to know about the dim sum spot in the Soho Metropolitan Hotel, as quoted by Toronto Life.

1) The Atmosphere: Luckee is a red-lacquered funhouse of dragon murals, double-happiness symbols in pulsing neon, Chinese apothecary cabinets and vases of blushing peonies. It's arty and zany and oddly charming, a fever dream of Far Eastern clichés.

2) The Menu: This is posh dim sum, served on pedestal plates, and prettified with rose and violet petals.

3) The Off-Menu: There are a few off-menu specialties, only delivered by carts on weekends, including chicken feet—a must for any self-respecting dim sum restaurant.

4) The Staff: [H]otelier and venerable restaurateur Henry Wu [...] owns the Soho Metropolitan, [and] had been planning to collaborate with Lee on a restaurant for years. Lee in turn hired three of Wu's most experienced cooks from [Wu's former pan-Chinese restaurant] Lai Wah Heen to work at Luckee.

5) The Concept: Lee [...] planned to open what he called a "Chinese-driven" place and that he's determined to raise the standard of traditional Chinese cuisine in this city. The menu tours through Hong Kong, Taiwan and various Chinese provinces.
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