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Mirvish+Gehry Finally Gets the Green Light; More!

ENTERTAINMENT DISTRICT— After two years of wrangling with the City's Planning Committee, public consultations, and a whole lot of reworking, the controversial 300 King Street West development from David Mirvish and Frank Gehry has been cleared for takeoff. Coming soon: two mindbogglingly shiny towers.

SCARBOROUGH— Over on the East side, the new renderings for the Tree House residential development on Gerrrard Street East are looking a little different from the initial release, but the project still looks fresh and unique. Overall it's a change for the better—at least, so say the readers who took our poll.

AROUND TORONTO— Our regular Curbed Comparisons feature asked the pressing question, "What can you rent for $2,700 around Toronto?" and came up with five interesting options.

PORT LANDS— Some interesting buzz around the Hearn Generating Station, the massive, decommissioned coal/gas plant in the Port Lands that shut down in 1995. Lots of ideas are being thrown around; a sports centre? a huge art gallery, like London's Tate Modern? The possibilities are endless.