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Bridle Path Chateau; Bye-Bye, By The Way Cafe; More!

Photo via Keystone

BRIDLE PATH— This slate-roofed chateau with eleven bathrooms was described by the listing agent as "Ideally suited to the jet-set buyer". It's got a 1,400-bottle wine cellar, which might have something to do with all those bathrooms.

LIBERTY VILLAGE— Hullmark and Quadrangle Architects are converting the century-old former winemaking warehouse at 60 Atlantic Avenue into a contemporary office building with a restaurant and retail space. Unfortunately, it meant turfing the building's longtime tenants, Artscape Liberty Village.

HIGH PARK— This 1913 home on a corner lot was sold for $1,299,000 three years ago; now it's back on the market for a million dollars more. It's had some serious remodelling in the last couple of years, but is it all enough of an improvement to justify that kind of price hike?

LESLIEVILLE— This week's Pricespotter poll looked at a Leslieville home that's been totally renovated after decades of gentle neglect. The listing price is higher than anything seen previously on that block, but are the sellers being too ambitious?

ALL AROUND TOWN— In Curbed Comparisons we checked out what a hypothetical $1,800 a month can rent you around Toronto. As it turns out, a lot of exposed brick.

THE ANNEX— And one of the biggest surprises this week was the for-sale signs slapped on the block cornering Bloor and Brunswick Streets, home to the By The Way Cafe, an Annex institution. The seven connected buildings involved in the sale are going for $16,000,000.