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Converted-School Condo; Million-Dollar Homes; More

THE ANNEX— Check out this luxury $3,300,000 penthouse condo in a former hall of learning in the Annex; you can't get much more old-school than living in an actual old school.

THE STOCKYARDS— How much would you pay for this grim fixer-upper in a neighbourhood that's not-quite-ready-for-gentrification? Play the ever-popular Pricespotter game.

NORTH YORK— Do a little virtual house-hunting with Curbed, and see what an even $1,000,000 can buy you around the GTA right now. Don't miss the spectacular hacienda-style home, in particular.

NORTH YORK— From Honest Ed's enormous, sparkly extravaganza to the Senator's modest little neon number, everyone's got a favourite sign in the city. We've mapped out eleven of the most iconic ones for you.