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Toronto's Top Ten; Lowball Listing; More

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BRIDLE PATH— Curbed Toronto scans the MLS so you don't have to, seeking out the most luxurious listings around the GTA. The list-topper is a not-quite-finished Bridle Path mansion that after months on the market is still asking $26M, for some reason.

RIVERDALEThis Riverdale semi was listed for just under a million dollars, but when the dust cleared the winning bid was $250K over that. What do you think of real estate agents who deliberately set listing prices low, hoping to spark a bidding war; are lowball listing prices a legit tactic?

LITTLE INDIA— In Tuesday's Cornerspotter, we showed readers a 1934 black-and-white snapshot of a Toronto street corner and asked them to ID it. How did you do?

LITTLE ITALY— This sweet converted coach house was on the market recently. Most of its interior is a clean, glossy white—but the house's former owner, artist Barbara Klunder, covered the bathroom with an incredible swirling mosaic of blue and gold. Have a look.