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Summerlicious 2014; Anticipated Summer Openings

Momofuku Toronto.
Momofuku Toronto.

MENU PLANNING— Summerlicious 2014 approaches, and here's a breakdown of the restaurants (more than 200 participate) offering three-course prix fixe meals for lunch and dinner. Try them between July 4 and July 20. [blogTO]

SUMMER TRACKING— Are these the ten most anticipated restaurant openings this summer? BlogTO says yes, covering everything from blockbuster Montecito to grab-and-go seafood spot Little Fin. [blogTO]

LISTICLES— Speaking of summer, here's a roundup of ice cream in the city. The guide includes Drake-approved Dutch Dreams, New York transplant Momofuku Milk Bar, and standby Ed's Real Scoop. [Post City]

Montecito Restaurant

299 Adelaide St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1P7