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Taste of Little Italy; Where to Drink This Summer

Tiki Bar at Bovine Sex Club.
Tiki Bar at Bovine Sex Club.

BOOZE NEWS— Canada's answer to MMMHops? Sam Roberts joins Tom Green and Dan Aykroyd on the list of Canadian celebrities with their personal beer imprint. Sam Roberts Band Session Ale, a joint release with Spearhead Brewing Company, will hit the taps on June 14th, though fans can drink a pint poured by the frontman himself in the Spearhead booth at Toronto Beer Week. [Post City]

LISTICLES— The Grid gives us 67 Reasons To Drink Now — but don't be discouraged by the listicle format; this article has as much meat as it does liquor. Highlights include the delicate mathematics of the Bovine Sex Club Tiki Bar and a who's who of the regulars at quintessential Toronto watering holes. Plus: floral cocktails, Japanese whiskeys, and where to find $40 bottle service. [The Grid]

LITTLE ITALY— Commuters may want to plan their detours around College Street this weekend, but anyone who loves food, music, and skee-ball should head down to the annual Taste of Little Italy street festival. Over 30 restaurants on and around College Street will have patio extensions or tasting tables while bands play and cotton candy merchants ply their sweet trade. For the full restaurant list/events lineup visit their website. [EaterWire]
—Laura Louise Tobin