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Janet Zuccarini; Dustin Gallagher; Coffee Machine Cuisine

Follow Friday is a series that picks one notable person on Twitter and Instagram, plus a Blog, that should be followed for one great reason or another.

[Photo: Gizelle Lau /Coffee Machine Cuisine]

TWITTER: Janet Zuccarini – The owner of Gusto 101, and the recently announced Gusto 501, is not very active on the Twitter but maybe that's because the globetrotting restaurateur is simply too busy. That said, maybe an influx of followers will inspire her to live-tweet Gusto 501's renovation process, or Pai's opening, or anything else that she finds particularly worthy. Follow her at @janetzuccarini

INSTAGRAM: Dustin Gallagher – The chef behind 416 Snack Bar and the recently opened People's Eatery has his hands full these days. On top of kick starting one of the most anticipated new kitchens in the city, the chef also became a father last month. And yet somehow he still finds time to share all his creations with the world. Follow him at @dusty416.

BLOG: Coffee Machine CuisineKatja Wulff (pronounced: "Catch a Wolf") doesn't need a full kitchen to make the latest and greatest meal: she has a coffee maker. Wulff breaks down the secret to making cauliflower soup, birthday cakes, and even sushi with a regular consumer coffee machine. And there is her sidekick, Iggy The Cat, which stirred some controversy when she claimed she was going to cook him. Check out the blog here.