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S. Lefkowitz; Mad Mexican; Bindia

Photo: Bindia/Website

The service is a bit muddled and the pitas come out of plastic bag, but the hummus-centric menu at S. Lefkowitz, Toronto's first hummusia, has been given top marks by NOW's Steven Davey. Diners will find the hummus "deliciously spread" just about everywhere. But, the supporting players also get called out, like their "terrific" olive oil and a "green salad," whose simple name doesn't "do justice to the magnificence" that is the mixture of local lettuces.

Mad Mexican's tacos are "excellent," spiced with "a trio of exquisite salsas," and the hammy/cheesy tortas are the "best deal on the menu," but "tediously slow" service keeps them at one and a half stars by Toronto Life. Regardless of low star wattage, fans of Mad Mexican's side plates, available at groceries and restaurants around the city, can now pop by for a bit at their space in Baby Point. A few tables are available, along with a takeout counter.

A health-conscious Northern Indian menu that serves tandoori lobster tails? Bindia's take on the crustacean may be "overcooked" but Amy Pataki speaks for everyone when she writes: "Even bad lobster is good lobster." Bindia, opened for six months on Market Street's evolving restaurant row, projects a modern, but mellow, vibe that caters to a more Canadian palate, which chef Vic Mohan says involves "less spice and less oil." And it's the only sit-down Indian restaurant in the far southeast end.
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