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Collective Arts Brewing and Nickel Brook Brewing Co. Join Forces

Photo: Collective Arts Brewing

Two independents in the beer community have joined forces to launch Arts & Science Brewing Company, taking over a 50,000-square-foot space formerly occupied by Lakeport Brewing in Hamilton. Formed by Collective Arts Brewing and Nickel Brook Brewing Co., both companies will continue to produce their own brands under the same roof, but also share retail space, an art gallery, and a live-music venue. Matt Johnson, co-founder of Collective Arts Brewing released a statement saying: "We are proud that through 'Arts & Science Brewing' we will not only give great beer back to the city, but also offer a new artistic hub." Currently, equipment from the shuttered Sleeman's brewery in Nova Scotia is being shipped to Hamilton. Arts & Science's new space plans to be up-and-running by the Fall.

Arts & Science Brewing Company

201 Burlington St E Hamilton, ON L8L, Canada