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David Sax Drops By Studio Q To Talk The Tastemakers

Photo: PublicAffairs Books

Toronto-based author David Sax headed into CBC Radio One's Studio Q yesterday to chat up The Tastemakers: Why We're Crazy For Cupcakes But Fed Up With Fondue, his latest book that delves deep into the cultural phenomenon of food trends, officially launched today. In the seventeen-minute interview, Sax helps host Jian Ghomeshi distinguish between food trends and fads (cupcakes versus cronuts), how he's learned to love food trends because they push innovation, and why Persian cuisine needs a Farsi-speaking David Chang if it wants to become the next huge thing. Takht-e Tavoos, the Iranian restaurant in Dufferin Grove that serves a mean breakfast, gets a shout out, as does Eater. Listen to the full interview here.
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