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If O&B Won't Take Over The Guild, Who Will?

Photo: The Guild Restaurant / Facebook

A rumour floating around that Oliver & Bonacini was taking over 1442 Dundas St. West (formerly Mani Binelli's The Guild Restaurant shuttered earlier this year) has been flatly denied. Speaking on behalf of O&B, Erin Burcham, Manager of Public Relations, confirmed their business development team had been looking into the space (unclear whether it was for events or purchase) but "it's not for us." "We're always looking at interesting concepts and expanding in different ways, whether it's the events business and new venues or with new restaurants. Right now, we're focused on our project with Ink Entertainment at the Trump Hotel and on the project we're doing in Calgary (a new food and lounge concept in the downtown Hudson's Bay's, also with Ink Entertainment)," Burcham went to say. Which leaves the guessing game ripe for discussion. As the Little Portugal strip increases in popularity, what restaurateur should move in to bump up the star wattage?