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Does Anybody Care About DineSafe?

Photo: DineSafe

This week, DineSafe, Toronto Public Health's food safety program, handed out more yellow cards to restaurants who failed, in one way or another, to comply with food handling laws. But does anybody really care unless a major infraction forces closure? Comments on blogTO's weekly rundown indicate that many do not. On seeing Pizzeria Defina on the list, Elvis writes: "I was just there over the weekend, love it, this won't stop me." Sneaky Dee's yellow card prompted tnt to post: "Lol...Who hasn't caught a mild dose of food poisoning from the Sneeky (sic) Dees chicken burrito..." And strangedisease's two-word post - "sneaky disease" - is a reminder that the legendary Toronto haunt's nickname precedes itself and in general, its patrons still come in droves. If your favourite restaurant/bar/café (like Jet Fuel) was listed on DineSafe, would you think twice about going? Drop a comment below.
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