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R.I.P. Peter Pan. Long Live Peter Pan.

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Photo: Peter Pan / Yelp

After 37 years, Mary Jackman has closed Peter Pan, the legendary Queen West bistro, finding it difficult to "turn a profit." Speaking to NOW, Jackman confessed: "It's all very sad." But she did manage to find new owners, "headed by chef Noah Goldberg", who are "sinking a fortune into the place" and will keep the Peter Pan name. Jackman isn't the only one who mourns the loss. Apparently, Susur Lee and Brenda Bent made an emotional last-minute offer - in the 80s, the powerhouse restaurateurs/couple fell in love amidst the smoke of sizzling burgers - but weren't able to land the deal. "We're so bummed we didn't get it," Bent admitted.
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