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Deadmau5 and Tom Green Talk Toronto Restaurants

How does the 1% of the cool-set hang out? For Deadmau5, it's driving Tom Green around in his Ferrari, grabbing Tim Hortons' drive-through (as is the custom), and enjoying some idle chatter. Food-related takeaway on the latest installment of Coffee Run includes: Tom loves Wvrst ("it was amazing"); Deadmau5 likes places with "really big menus" (Weslodge, The Chase, La Société); and Tim Hortons wasn't all that good at hockey but makes "really great doughnuts." With all free advertisement Tim Hortons gets from Coffee Run, Deadmau5 wonders why they haven't sponsored him yet, but it's clearly because he'll talk about them with or without.

The Chase

10 Temperance Street, Toronto, On M5H 1Y5