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Harbour Sixty's $1000 Steak; Timmie's Bring It Back Campaign

TIMMIES – Feeling nostalgic for disregarded menu items from Tim Horton's past? From The Bread Bowl (really?) to The Sugar Twist and three others, Canadian customers can vote to bring them back until May 14th. [CNW]

TORONTO LOVEThe BBC just clued in that Toronto is a cool place. Maybe the enthusiasm is due to all the caffeine they consumed at Rooster Coffee House, Dark Horse, Balzac's, and Kensington Market's Café Panemar. [Via @SeeTorontoNow]

UPPING THE STEAKS – Have a spare $1000 lying around and a hankering for a 40oz steak? Harbour Sixty Steakhouse is the place to be. [Via @ViewTheVibe]
[Photo: Balzac's/Website]