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Fogo Island Arts Fundraiser; Indie 88's Gluten-Free Favs

WYCHWOOD BARNS - Tickets for the rescheduled Fogo Island Arts fundraiser on April 29th are up for grabs. Dinner will be an Outport Newfoundland Boil Up prepared by Chef Murray MacDonald of the Fogo Island Inn, accompanied by a selection of Canadian wines from Closson Chase Vineyards and 13th Street Winery.

LISTICLES - Rock radio station, Indie 88, jumps on the gluten-free bandwagon and lists their favourites restaurants around town that cater to the afflicted. [Via @VicinityRewards]

FINANCIAL DISTRICT - Drake 150 has announced a special Cinco De Mayo popup with guest chef Donnie Masterton (The Restaurant, Mexico). Call the restaurant to book your spot. [Via @MattyFood]
Fogo Island Inn's executive chef, Murray McDonald [Photo: Fogo Island Inn/Website]