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3 Game Changers; Amy Rosen; Cafe Bar Pasta

Follow Friday is a series that picks one notable person on Twitter and Instagram, plus a blog, that should be followed for one great reason or another.

[Photo: Amy Rosen/Instagram + Cafe Bar Pasta/Facebook]

Twitter: 3 Game Changers. In a very short period of time, the 3 Game Changers have managed to capture Toronto's attention with their elaborate, preposterous, and awesome restaurant plans – none of which seem to exist in the real world. But every day they launch new ambitious plans – today they are soliciting unpaid interns to deliver meals by bicycle to people's homes. Does it matter that unpaid interns aren't exactly en vogue right now? Of course not! All that matters is what these guys will think of tomorrow. Follow them at @wheelskeepon

Instagram: Amy Rosen. The "James Beard nominated, award-winning freelance journalist, and former Food Editor at Chatelaine magazine" – not to mention cookbook author and well-traveled travel writer – voraciously documents her adventures and the results are a who's who and what's what of the food scene. Follow her at @amyrosen.

Blog: Cafe Bar Pasta. Cafe Bar Pasta has only one significant entry on their blog but it's a great story that involves a food challenge and a blind taste test. The joie de vivre that powers this west-end restaurant is clearly evident and really they should post more often. Check it out here.

Do you have a favourite food follow on Twitter or Instagram? How about your top food blogs? Tell us in the comments or email Your pick could end up in Follow Friday.