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Chino Locos Opens 2nd Location; Willy Wonka With Christina Tosi

RIVERDALE - Chino Locos, a burrito restaurant and catering company - their second location in the east end - opened yesterday. [Via @DineTO]

MCDONALDS - This past Monday, Chris McDonald welcomed Murray McDonald (Fogo Island Inn) to Cava and their teams blew minds and palates with a collaborative dinner that played on the relationship between Spain and Newfoundland. Major highlight: Arctic Hare Pot Pie & Croustade With Morcilla, Foie Gras and Chickpeas. The guys had so much they've decided to do it again tonight, starting from 7pm. It's $150/person and a few seats remain open.

FOODIE FILM - TIFF's Food On Film series continues with a special presentation of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory with special guest, Christina Tosi, of Momofuku Milk Bar, on May 7th.

LISTICLES - Want to eat like a sultan? Feel better when eating Medieval? Here's a list of "unique" dining in the city. [Via @torontodotcom]
[Photo: Chino Locos/Yelp]