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Stop The Presses: A Food Truck Inside Of A Restaurant

Photo: 3 Game Changers/Website

The brains behind God Bless 'merica, the Queen St. West restaurant/art project may be getting soft. 3 Game Changers have announced their latest and greatest idea: to open a food truck inside of their space at 785 Queen St. West. In their words, it's "the world's first food truck INSIDE a restaurant. No seating. No permits." Dudes, that's what you call a lunch counter. Regardless of this minor setback in inspiration, 3 Game Changers have created an air of mystery in the restaurant scene with a revolving door of bizarre and hilarious concepts; they announced a late-night menu that plagiarized McDonald's offerings, then followed it up with a list of stoner-friendly delights that included chocolate-drizzled bacon, offal tofu, and Tijuana chili. But it now looks like the guys could use some help. Want to offer them your best restaurant idea? Leave a comment below or Tweet @EaterToronto.
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