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Thuet's Freezer Breaks But He Doesn't Freeze Up

Photo: Thuet/Website

Next time chef Marc Thuet and Biani Zorich show up really late for dinner, go easy. They may not be just fashionably late. In yesterday's case, it was business as usual at Petite Thuet HQ when their freezer suddenly died, forcing the rock'n'roll baker to rush 700 croissants into the oven before his dough expired. Luckily, in the meantime, they had the freezer fixed and those flaky crescent-mooned puffs will soon find new life as almond croissants. And the couple arrived in time to enjoy much of the chef Chris/Murray McDonald collaborative dinner at Cava. In related news, Petite Thuet at 1 King St. will be shuttered as of tomorrow. Their website says "the landlord has new plans in the works" which don't include their baked goods. But those can still be found at their two other locations (Rosedale, Market District), and at a sizeable number of the city's finest shops and restaurants including The Black Hoof, Cheese Boutique, and Momofuku.

Petite Thuet

1 King St W, Toronto, ON M5H 1A1, Canada