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Bivy; Luckee; Fonda Lola

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Photo: Fonda Lola/Yelp

Bivy, a Brockton Village daytime café grows into a "legitimate dining room with French-inflected food," that is "grounded" enough to earn three stars from Amy Pataki. The 30-seater run by chef/owner Pascal Vernhes (Midi Bistro) features a steady menu of classic dishes from the Savoy and Aveyron regions - the tartiflette goes well with "a nap afterwards for an ideal lunch;" the "farçou, spinach-flecked pancakes… would turn any potluck into an occasion – and the desserts are ample and well-priced.

Susur Lee knows he doesn't have to stay up all night to get Luckee. NOW has praised the Master Chef's newest all-day dim sum restaurant in the Soho Metropolitan Hotel. Though the experience will cost part of an arm and a most of a leg, his "classic har gow stuffed with plump shrimp and creamy egg whites are the equal of those at Lee's beloved Ding Tai Fung in Markham," and the "chicken cheung fun rolls ($8 for three) are a revelation." But on the subject of his fried vegetarian turnip cakes, Steven Davey suggests that Lee drop into Chantecler to check out "Jonathan Poon's superlative take on the dim sum staple." [NOW]

Don't get suckered into believing all the origin myths surrounding Fonda Lola, Chris Nuttall-Smith warns: just let the food do the talking and, chances are, the dining experience will leave a lasting impression. In the reviewer's own words: "the trout aguachile ranks as "one of the tastier ceviches I've had of late;" "only my shame kept me from ordering a second round" of candied-bacon; and the "baby kale and arugula salad was excellent." He gives low marks for over-whipped guacamole and the tacos al pastor comes "with a family-size tin of bland thrown in" but overall, Nuttall-Smith is charmed by the restaurant's "friendly" vibe and the charismatic front of house/owner: "Mr. (Andres) Marquez casts a trail of swoon."
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