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earth Rosedale Runs Into Landlord Problems

Photo: earth Rosedale/Website

After five years, earth Rosedale will serve its final dinner on May 11th, unable to negotiate a new lease with the landlord. This is the second blow to owner Ed Ho who, last fall, was forced to close earth Bloor West when the landlord decided he preferred to convert the building to retail space, as reported by The Grid. Overall, restaurants around the city are getting slammed with sky-high rents making a risky business even riskier. Earlier this year, Mount Everest in The Annex shuttered after a new lease, reportedly, bumped the rent to $16,000 a month. Meanwhile, Globe Bistro on the Danforth, Ho's first restaurant, continues to be open for business.
· Closing Time: Earth Rosedale to close in May [The Grid]

earth Rosedale

1055 Yonge St Toronto, ON M4W 2L2, Canada