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Chef Murray McDonald; Café Boulud; Bacon Is Magic

Follow Friday is a series that picks one notable person on Twitter and Instagram, plus a Blog, that should be followed for one great reason or another.

[Photo: Café Boulud + Fogo Island Inn/Facebook]

TWITTER: Chef Murray McDonald – Next Tuesday, the celebrated executive chef of the Fogo Island Inn hits the 416 to serve up a feast in support of the Shorefast Foundation and Fogo Island Arts at Wychwood Barns. The night before, McDonald and Cava's Chris McDonald join forces for a six course collaborative dinner, and just looking at the menu will make anyone with a stomach weep with joy. Follow him at @fogoislandinn

INSTAGRAM: Café Boulud – This Tuesday night, the haute bistro set inside the Four Seasons Hotel mixes with a little Parkdale punk for a collaborative four-course tasting menu by Boulud's chef Tyler Shedden and Parts & Labour's Matty Matheson. To prepare for one side of the food story, spy Boulud's snaps. Follow them at @cafebouludto.

BLOG: Bacon Is MagicAyngelina Brogan may be based in Toronto but nothing can keep her rooted in one place for too long. Whether she's driving to Ottawa in a broken-down jalopy or flying halfway around the world, every adventure brings readers into the heart of the action and one bite away from the food on her plate. Check it out here.

Do you have a favourite food follow on Twitter or Instagram? How about your top food blogs? Tell us in the comments or email Your pick could end up in Follow Friday.