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Jon Sufrin Unmasks 3 Game Changers Mastermind Montgomery Wan

Photo: 3 Game Changers/Website

Cue the applause for Jon Sufrin. The intrepid food scribe has cracked the humourous case of the 3 Game Changers restaurant prank that has kept the city amused since last September. Over that time, the "3 Hungry Dudes With Dope Ideas" have lampooned Toronto's obsession with food trends by earnestly presenting knucklehead ideas for their 785 Queen St. West space. Some doozies include a ridiculous promotional video for Cakehole (chicken cupcakes anyone?) and the pleasantly idiotic (and timely) plan to launch the "world's first food truck INSIDE a restaurant. No seating. No permits." No matter how whacked the ideas, the anonymous masterminds behind the prank – presented to the world as three Western University grads with no restaurant experience - kept the guise up and fought all the naysayers with dude-ly pull quotes like: "Let the haters drink the haterade!" Meanwhile, Sufrin, pulling a Robyn Doolittle, put his nose to the ground and sniffed out the real puppet master, Montgomery Wan, owner of Khao San Road. So, the next logical question: what kind of restaurant will Wan be launching at 785 Queen St. West? Ironically, he's not sure but "he says he's not ruling out a Thai influence for the new place," as reported by Sufrin for Toronto Life. Wan's ingenious marketing ploy has paid off in full but the daily updates will be missed. And while the city waits for a real restaurant to emerge at 785 Queen St. West, Eater would like to give everyone involved a few of these for their hard work.
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3 Game Changers

785 Queen St W Toronto, ON M6J 1G1, Canada