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Pommies' Apple Tree Giveaway; Top Ten Burgers Spots

LCBO - Love alcoholic cider but wish you could make your own? Starting Friday and continuing until May 17th, buy three, four packs of Pommies Dry Cider at selected LCBOs around the city, and get a free heritage apple tree that will grown to a maximum of eight feet. Good luck remembering you have it after drinking all that cider.

LISTICLES - The Grid runs down its favourite activities to do this week in the city. If making "killer cupcakes" and eating at a James Bond-themed popup is your idea of a good time, check out The Grid's #19 and #21 picks of the week. [The Grid]

VAUGHAN - A man was been fatally shot at a Vaughan café earlier this afternoon. As reported by the Toronto Sun, police are on the scene but, so far, have few details. [Via @TheTorontoSun]

LISTICLES - It's hard to argue with's Top Ten list of burgers when Holy Chuck is at the top. [Via @torontodotcom]
[Photo: Holy Chuck/Yelp]