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Tab: A New App That Makes Check-Splitting Easy

Screengrab: Apple Store

Gone is the awkward pause when the server brings the check. Tab, a new free mobile payment application that launches today in Toronto, offers a simplified payment process for restaurant-goers. To get started, users download the app, create a profile, and register their credit card information. When at a participating restaurant, users can simply "create a tab" or "join" an existing tab (the bill will automatically split between the members). When it's time for the bill, users tell the server they are "paying with Tab" and leave whenever they are ready. Tab is currently ready to use at 13 participating eateries that includes The Chase, Playa Cabana Hacienda, Blowfish, with more being added in the coming weeks.

The Tab Team is led by Adam Epstein, Fahd Ananta, and Michael Kimel. Epstein founded HUDDLERS, a mobile sports scheduling app for recreational athletes. Ananta, the technical lead, founded Chime acquired by Hubspot in 2013. Kimel is the principal of MJK Capital, and a partner in the Chase Hospitality Group. Other funders of the company include Tyler Bozak and Phil Kessel of the Toronto Maple Leafs, as well as various leaders in the Toronto food and beverage industry. — Hana Hussein

The Chase

10 Temperance Street, Toronto, On M5H 1Y5