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Ontario's Plan To Sell Booze In Grocery Stores Falls Short

Photo: Freeway Liquor/Yelp

The province's first LCBO Express stores will be open by the end of 2014, allowing Ontarians easier access to buy alcohol at grocery stores. But don't get too excited. The "Express store pilot concept" just sounds like the LCBO is expanding into larger retailers – any interested store must have an extra 2,000 square feet in which to house the kiosk – making it impossible to simply grab a bottle of wine at the corner store, as in Québec. Plus, for this first round, only seven stores will be chosen. Charles Sousa, Ontario's Minister of Finance, is a supporter, "Ontarians have been asking for greater access and convenience to buy their favourite beer, bottle of wine, or spirit. These new Express stores are a way to balance that convenience with social responsibility while further supporting our local industries." While the rest of Ontarians over the age of 19-years-old wonder when they will be treated like responsible adults.
Do you support this initiative, or do you think it falls short? Leave a comment below.
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