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Tallboys Demands Craft Beer At The Skydome (ahem, Rogers Centre)

The Skydome (AKA Rogers Centre) recently terminated their business relationship with Steam Whistle Breweryseemingly, though unbelievably, over their Twitter feed – leaving Canada's sole Major League baseball stadium without any homegrown craft beers. Now Phil Cacace, one of the owners of Tallboys, a family-run restaurant on Bloor West that offers a hefty selection of Canadian craft beers, has started a petition to highlight the omission. The impassioned call to arms is reminiscent of Molson's famous "I Am Canadian" ad: "Its(sic) not just about beer, Its about being a good neighbor (sic), Its about representing our city and country, Its about recognizing the ever changing landscape in the beer world, Its about sound business practices, Its about sourcing local when you have the opportunity." Citing the third-highest beer prices in all of Major League baseball, Cacace just would "like to see more variety" at the Skydome (Rogers Centre). The exact same thing can be said about the food options. And while Cacace is at it, he may as well start a petition to change the name of the Rogers Centre back to the Skydome. Oh wait, someone already tried that.
· Via @tallboysbar
· Provide Ontario Craft beer at the SkyDome

Rogers Centre

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