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Zane Caplansky To Launch Deli Beer With Barley Days Brewery

Zane Caplansky can't stop. In addition to filming his fourth appearance on the hit CBC series Dragon's Den (he holds the title for most appearances), he is in the works to launch a very special beer on his birthday with Barley Days Brewery, a Picton-based brewery run by Greg Landucci. We hit the deli to find out more.

What's the beer going to be called?
Deli King Dark Lager.

What will it taste like?
Rye/barley based and brewed in the Classic German Dunkel style. Our east drinking dark lager beer is flavoured with our actual brisket spice run. For fun we're garnishing it with a Kosher dill (pickle) just to get the point across that this is the perfect beer to enjoy with our smoked meat sandwich or a honkin' plate of poutine.

What's your involvement?
I serve as the model for the tap handle. That's in addition to deciding on the style and flavour of the beer. Of course, I consulted with Cicerone (certified) and bosom buddy Chef Jesse Vallins. No one in my world knows more than Jesse about beer.

Who's idea was it?
It was Greg Landucci's idea. He came in one day and simply asked. My own beer? That's almost as much fun as a date with Heather Graham.

When will it be available?
June 17 is the launch: my birthday and our (the deli's) 6th anniversary party. Six is my lucky number.
[Photo: Caplansky's Delicatessen/Website]

Caplansky's Delicatessen

356 College St, Toronto, ON M5T 1S6, Canada