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Portland Variety Is Coming; La Créole Brings Haitian To St. Clair

KING WEST - Portland Variety, a 2400-square-foot bakery/café/full service restaurant/tapas bar for lunch and dinner, owned by Milton Nunes (Le Gourmand), is under construction at 587 King Street West. [Toronto Life]

ST. CLAIR WEST - La Créole, a "refined island kitchen" in the Haitian tradition is now open in the Humewood neighbourhood. [Toronto Life]

DINESAFE - It's All GRK in The Annex has only been open for a month but it's already gotten a yellow card from DineSafe. That (dis)honour is shared by George's BBQ & Deli, Belly Buster Submarines, Kintaro Yakitori Japanese Pub, and others.
[Photo: La Créole/Yelp]