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Sam James Expands To Ossington

Photo: Sam James Coffee Bar/Website

If Sam James is at all concerned about opening his latest outlet on Ossington opposite Starbucks, he's not showing it: "There's nothing they're doing that we can't do better." As reported by Toronto Life, James seeks to repeat the success he has enjoyed with his small, dressed-down and well-run, cool coffee "pockets" on Harbord, Koreatown, and The Path. What to expect this time around? Much of the same: high ceilings, few places to sit, great coffee, and "a pixelated floor-to-ceiling print" of a German Shepherd that may or may not be snarling at the corporate coffee behemoth across the street. But customers shouldn't snarl too loudly because guaranteed, they'll be stealing their WiFi.
· Indie coffee maestro Sam James sets up shop on the Ossington strip [Toronto Life]

Sam James

1000 Queen St W Toronto, ON M6J 1H4