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Silver Dollar Room Gets Heritage Protection (Maybe); This Tattoo Guy Really loves City Hall

Photo via The Grid, Britt Aharoni

EGLINTONBike lanes could be the future of the Eglinton Avenue strip, but not anytime soon. The Toronto Public Works Committee gave interim approval on Wednesday afternoon giving a temporary green light to a new design on the Eglinton Ave. streetcar. By the way, Eglinton is currently a driving nightmare with the on-going construction with the new LRT project.

ON THE MARKET— This week's On the Market is a Rosedale mansion that dropped its price tag to only $8.4 million. If you want to move there, you'll be neighbours with businessman Gerry Schwartz and wife Heather Reisman of Indigo Books. The power couple built a 25 million dollar property on the same street. On the rental watch? Check out what's available in different neighbourhoods for 3,000/month.

HISTORICAL TORONTO— Thanks to Toronto's Nathan Ng, former historical maps buried inside online catalogues at the Toronto Public Library have been unearthed into a clickable format. Check out his really old maps, dating back to 1884.

CITY HALL— This week in City Hall….Leaside's oldest farm house (circa 1898), was saved from demolition this week after community council voted to reject a proposal to separate the property into three lots. The Silver Dollar Room on Spadina Avenue might become a heritage property and would be saved from possible demolition. Developers seek to build a student residence on the site of the music venue and its neighbour, Hotel Waverly. In other strange news, this Globe and Mail reporter REALLY likes City Hall. He has a tattoo of the building on his arm.