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T.O. Underground Market Launches Season; Speakeasy 21 Opens

HOT DOCS - Just Eat It: A Food Waste Story, by Canadian filmmakers Jen Rustemeyer and Grant Baldwin, gets its World Premiere at Hot Docs on April 27th and repeats on the 29th. [Via @TOfoodpolicy]

QUEEN WEST - The Toronto Underground Market will now hold their raucous food events at 99 Sudbury. As Zagat Toronto reports, this year's festivities get started May 17th, and will include "a mid summer event, a brunch themed market, and the three year anniversary party this fall." [Via @ZagatToronto]

FINANCIAL DISTRICT - Bay Streeters have a new place to down after-work cocktails and grab a snack at Speakeasy 21. Come the summer, they'll be able to lounge on its unspeakably massive patio. [Toronto Life]
[Photo: Speakeasy 21/Website]