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Pot Pizza? No Problem!

Photo: Mega iLL/Website

A Vancouver pizzeria that serves pot pizza to patients with a medical prescription wants to open a Toronto location. Mega iLL made headlines around the world last month when it opened the "marijuana friendly establishment," and though they've been scrutinized by a "variety of authorities, including police, and tobacco, health and environmental regulators," they aren't breaking any laws. For a $10 fee and for those 18-years old or older, the pizzeria will add pot to the pie from a customer's medically approved supply. But it has to be eaten in the restaurant under the watchful eyes of the staff. As the Toronto Star reports, "Only the person with the prescription can eat the pizza, so you can't order an extra large pie and share it with your prescription-less friends." And no home delivery unless it's from the restaurant's expansive marijuana-free menu that includes The Samoan (pulled pork and pineapple). What a bummer.
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