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Toronto's Tiniest Homes; And Mark Wahlberg is Coming!

Photo via Re/Max

TEENY TINY HOUSE— How adorable. One of Toronto's tiniest homes, a cutie-pie on Winnett Avenue, is listed for $329K. Sandwiched between two "normal" sized homes, the one-bedroom property has a lot size of 12.5 x 79.5 feet. How much will it sell for? Any guesses?

YORKVILLE— When is actor Mark Wahlberg moving to Yorkville already? The actor purchased a $12 million dollar condo at 36Hazelton. Here are five interesting facts about Wahlberg's new luxury pad.

WATERFRONT— What should happen to the Gardiner Expressway? A new design proposal might change Toronto's aged expressway into a high line of garden public space. What do you want to see happen with the Gardiner? Also, check out these new crazy condo renderings on Front Street. It looks like a sky scraping tiki head.

ON THE MARKET— This week's top real estate listings includes a "La Vie en Rose" home in Little Portugal on the market for under $500K, and a piece of history in High Park for $700K. The "Wolf House" in Rosedale just can't seem to sell; the owners have dropped their price tag once again. What a bargain! The unique property is now listed for only $5.2 million.

FILM SHOOTS— It's no secret that many blockbuster movies and television shows are filmed around the city. Many flicks that are set in places like New York or Chicago are actually filmed right here on our city streets. Check out what's being filmed on our city streets right now! OMG! You might run into actor Robert Pattinson.