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Craft Dogs Vs. Fancy Franks; First Look at La Creole

DOG VERSUS DOG - To celebrate the first official day of baseball season, Post City pits two of Toronto's newest hot dog purveyors, Craft Dogs and Fancy Franks, against each other. Most interesting creations? Craft Dogs is a rabbit and bacon dog with tarragon and morels, while Fancy Franks boasts the 'Frankie Goes to Buffalo,' covered with chicken wing toppings. [Post City]

WEEK IN REVIEWSLa Creole, a Haitian restaurant that opened up earlier this month on St. Clair, gets a first look by the folks at blogTO. French pop music, crystal chandeliers, poul la Creole and Malta aklet ("a nostalgic Haitian mixed drink") await. [blog TO]

LISTICLES - BlogTO is at it again, this time with a rundown of the best places to get butter chicken, a popular Indian dish. Included are spots such as Pukka, Indian Kiss, The Host and Mother India, among others. [blogTO]
[Fancy Franks; Photo: Facebook]