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The New York Times Has A Thing For Toronto

Photo: Wanda's Pie In The Sky/Yelp

The New York Times has it hard for Toronto. Like, real hard. In its latest love letter to the 416 Francine Prose waxes on about the cities' neighbourhoods, extraordinary ethnic diversity, and excellent cultural institutions, but when it comes down to it, it's the food that keeps her coming back: "There are places to which I return on each visit, new places I discover each time, and others I mean to try, don't get around to, and vow to return to, on my next trip." Some of those places are concentrated in the historic Kensington Market where Prose singles out the "standout" sesame bagel at Nu Bügel the diverse and humorous ingenuity of Rasta-Pasta, "pastries and vegetarian fare at the popular Wanda's Pie In The Sky," the abundance of "French-Caribbean cuisine, tacos, sushi," and nearby Caplansky's Delicatessen which serves smoked meat that rivals "any to be had at New York's legendary delis, or on the Lower East Side." That is saying a lot. Prose will surely be back soon so where should she hit next? Comment below or send us a message on the tipline.

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