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Queen West 'Restaurant' Changes Name (Again) to God Bless 'Merica, Unleashes Menu

The good folks at Toronto Life just yesterday posted a pretty in-depth piece tracking the progress of an as-yet-to-open Queen West restaurant with an identity crisis. In short, the 'restaurateurs' involved with the space at 785 Queen West Street call themselves The Three Game Changers, and have indeed changed their game a total of five times now, with the project having been under the banner of New Delhi Burgers, Sammy's Sandwiches, Smoke and Mirrors, Cakehole and finally, God Bless 'merica, an 'American Kitchen & Bar.' A hoax? Quite possibly. But with each new iteration comes a new menu, and this time is no exception.

With their new "all-AmURican" concept, the group plans "to dominate the TO food scene," utilizing such menu items as 'Miami Pulled Pork' ('Served with swagger'), 'Napa Choco Bacon' ('dipped in Williams Sonoma chocolate'), and the 'Cornhusker Burger' (promising 'crisp lettuce, processed cheddar'). Have any intel whatsoever on this? Please send it to the tipline.

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